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Spitiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent oil made from fully sun-ripened olives from Greece. “Spitiko” in Greek means “homestyle” and that is exactly how this oil is made, simply and with quality olives. The oil is made from the first cold pressing by strictly mechanical means, which allows the oil to retain all the beneficial nutrients and properties of olives and maximizes the fruity olive flavor. A hard to find excellent oil at an excellent price. Limited Quantities, order now.

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This Spitiko Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced under strictly controlled conditions. It is a guaranteed high-quality product, full of the valuable nutrients of olive fruit. Spitiko EVOO is produced from fully sun-ripened olives which give off a unique aroma that makes all the difference in taste.

A precious Gift of Life. A genuine elixir of health and longevity, 100% natural olive juice. Rich in aroma and pleasure, valuable in nutrients, wonderful in taste, Spitiko is standardized without any chemical treatment and gives the best quality of olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A genuine representative of the Mediterranean diet. An olive oil that passes from generation to generation, with the same quality, for so many years and rewards you for your choice. Uniquely flavorful, balanced and rich. Golden-green color, rich fruity aroma of green olive, balanced spicy taste. 100% natural olive juice, which seals the success on the table and the quality in traditional recipes such as ladera, legumes, roasts, etc. With less than 0.8% acidity, it is an essential addition to sauces, salads, dips and appetizers. Genuine and authentic piece of tradition from the first to the last drop.

One of the best Greek olive groves
Spitiko comes only from strictly selected extra virgin olive oil and olives produced by the best producers in the country and from the best Greek olive groves. Spitiko is produced traditionally, from selected excellent varieties of Greek olive harvested by natural or mechanical means.

Authentically Healthy
For a proper, healthy Mediterranean diet, Spitiko is the necessary ingredient for health, beauty and longevity.

Great Taste and Deliciousness
In salad, in bread, in the oven, in the pan, in the dessert, in the roast or in any other food, Spitiko gives a special taste, rich aroma and quality to all your creations! You just put the art and let the Spitiko show off your wonderful cooking!

Company “Eleourgiki “

Central Cooperative Union of Olive Products” was established in 1949 in Athens, with main purpose the advocacy of local olive oil unions of producers, and the empowerment of their rights. The emblem of the brand is a human hand and the olive oil drop, and signifies the physical effort of the Greek producer and the first drop of the natural olive juice, as well as the fights of the cooperative for the fair treatment of all producers, and for impelling the Greek Government to establishment contemporary olive policies. Throughout the next decades the Company invested in the establishment of modern factories and refineries for the production of olive oils, olive oil cooking fats, and olive oil soaps, and in the creation of equipped warehouses for storage. With a satisfactory annual production and a strong history of quality, the Company started exports in all continents, and created new product lines and collaborations, that brought the olive oil products to millions of consumers around the globe. Eleourgiki entered the market of organic products in 2009, with certified organic olive oil products, and more product lines to follow. Today the Company represents more than 500,000 local producers, accumulates olive oil from more than 120 million olive oil trees, and supports the export power of Greece.

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