Cinquina Green Cerignola 3G Olives 11.3oz (320gr)


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  • Cinquina Green Cerignola 3G Olives 11.3 oz (320gr) jar
  • Whole Green Olives with Pits
  • Best by 05/16/2025
  • Product of Italy
  • Excellent with cocktails, snacks and salads!

The green Cerignola is an extra-large green olive, with a mildly sweet taste.

It is typically firmer than the black variety of Cerignola. The olives are packed as soon as they are picked; that is why they keep their superb taste, aroma and freshness.

Cinquina olives are perfect for making authentic Mediterranean dishes.

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Cinquina Green Cerignola 3G Olives 11.3 oz (320gr) each jar

Product of Italy. Brand: Cinquina Sole d’Abruzzo

This listing is for 11.3 oz. (320g drained weight) jar of CINQUINA Abruzzi green colossal whole olives in brine from Italy.

The Intosso olive is grown throughout Abruzzo, particularly in the Provinces of Chieti and Pescara. This variety is chiefly used as a table olive.

These are one of the biggest and best green olives in all of Italy.

Meaty, and with a mild yet distinct flavor, these gorgeous olives make a kingly snack all by themselves.

They make a match made in Italy with a good Italian cheese and will be a great conversation piece in a martini! Italian crusty bread on hand wouldn’t hurt either! Olive oil drizzled on a slice of bread; so much tradition and culture is conveyed by this simple act.

Picture the sun shining on the green hills of Abruzzo, below the Majella Mountains where the best olives are selected by Cinquina with passion and care from ancient olive groves.

The combination of time, tradition and technology has placed the company among the best food industries in Abruzzo. Many restaurants, caterers and retail customers make Cinquina products their first choice for their unmistakable quality and taste. Excellent flavor and great served as an appetizer with bruschetta, on salads, pasta, etc. Ingredients: green olives, water, salt, citric acid. * Refrigerate after opening.


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