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Frantoia Sicily PGI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoia Sicily PGI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is both fruity and spicy. Prepared in the traditional Sicilian method of cold-pressing olives, the resulting olive oil is rich and smooth with a sweet almond finish. Use it as a delicious ingredient for savory salad dressings, or bring out flavor by coating fish, vegetables, and poultry before cooking.

Best By:  08/15/2022   

Harvest:  Harvest 2019/20

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Size: 25.4 oz (750 ml) 

Origin: Product of Italy

Frantoia PGI SICILIA is the last-born in the Frantoia family. It is a Sicilian extra virgin olive oil with Protected Geographical Indication, produced according to the criteria of organic farming and from olives harvested exclusively in the territories of sunny Sicily. A unique product that recalls the flavors and aromas of our warm island. The story of Premiati Oleifici Barbera begins more than a hundred years ago. It started as a small farm and, over five generations reached the highest levels of excellence in the production of olive oil.
Advanced technology and respect for tradition perfectly combine in this golden-green olive oil. Enjoy Frantoia organic PGI SICILIA raw on all fish dishes, vegetables, and grilled white meat.  
  • AREA OF ORIGIN: Sicily.
  • ALTITUDE: Hills.
  • PERIOD OF HARVEST: October-November.
  • METHOD OF HARVEST: Harvested by hand.
  • EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Milled within 24 hours from the harvest, continuous extraction; the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally.
  • FILTERING METHOD: Natural fiber filters.
  • APPEARANCE: A slightly dense oil, green in color with golden yellow highlights.
  • AROMA: Gently spicy.
  • TASTE: A light fruitiness with a sweet almond finish.
  • USE: Salads, raw vegetables, vegetable soups, and vegetarian dishes.



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